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We connect talented teams working on awesome ideas to access capital, platforms and our ecosystem; allowing start-ups to grow faster and enabling our corporate partners to tap into all the benefits that blockchain technology can bring.

Through our partners’ network we offer truly global connectivity and access to corporations and established investors in Europe, the US and Asia.

Our team comprises ex-investment bankers, fund managers and investor relations specialists and has collectively 40+ years of experience in corporate finance, fundraising, business development, strategy consulting and maintaining positive dialogue with investors.

Global Connectivity

Global Connectivity

Global reach and connectivity between Europe, Asia, US and Israel.

Long Lasting Relationships

Long Lasting Relationships

Focused on building long-term relationships of trust and reliability.

Delivering Results

Delivering Results

Bringing measurable results and economic benefits.

For Corporates

Our mission is to help corporations grow faster by helping them forge partnerships or acquire value
adding ventures, tap into cutting-edge technologies and access the right talent.

Research & Scouting

Research & Scouting

Helping corporations find the best blockchain technology partners for their corporate challenges.

Venture Building

Venture Building

Helping corporations fill the talent and technology gap, build new businesses, products and distribution channels.

Investors Club

Investors Club

Building a global community of corporations and start-ups leveraging each other for innovation and scaling.

For Start-Ups

We usually work with post Series A start-ups that are ready to scale and need a corporate partner to grow.

However, we recognize that there are many talented teams working on innovative solutions in need of seed capital to bring their ideas to reality. We connect them with angel investors that can bring not only capital but also relevant expertise.

With early stage start-ups in mind, we regularly organise investor roadshows and corporate venture demo days.

Get in touch with us if you would like to find out about the upcoming events and dates.

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Dots Ventures advises its clients on the security tokenisation process.

Security tokenisation is the process of materializing the ownership of a security through the issuance of a “token” registered on a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) infrastructure. Tokenized security can be equity, a bond, or an investment fund. It could also represent a securitized fraction of a real asset (e.g. a piece of art). Our clients pursue the tokenisation process to improve their business’s operational efficiency or bring additional liquidity.

Through our vetted network of blockchain technologists, advisors, issuers and investors, we assist our clients with STO feasibility studies, structuring and execution.


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Upcoming events

20-21 June 2019
Hong Kong, Investment Roadshow

Introducing the most exciting blockchain start-ups to Asian corporations and their corporate venture funds

30 September 2019
London, Corporate Investment in Blockchain and Frontier Technologies

This event explains the blockchain opportunity in corporate venturing, showcasing a selection of hand-picked projects to unpack the realities and opportunities for investors wishing to understand and harness the emergence of new business models and digital assets.


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